Mission – what we’re about

What are the benefits that you, as a member of the printing industry, should be getting out of Prinect User Days? What are the „Prinect User Days“, who says what topics are on the agenda, who’s behind it all?

You may well have already asked yourselves these questions so we’d like to give you a brief answer to them here:

We, the Organization Team are a kaleidoscope of all kinds of people. We all work, in some form or another, in the graphic arts industry and aim to advance our industry, whether technically, organizationally or structurally. We come from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

We follow no commercial interests. We receive no payment for our work and it’s our free time that we devote to it. On the contrary, we pay our own, often large travel expenses that we incur when preparing our annual meeting and in between times we sacrifice our free time for telephone conferences and conceptual activities. But we are guided by our vision of continually driving ourselves and our industry forward – and we would like to learn from you too as a participant of the Prinect User Days. We do it all because we believe in it and we enjoy our profession.

Since we are all Prinect users and/or HEIDELBERG customers and are convinced of the Prinect tool and thus also want to drive Prinect further, we organize the User Days together with the HEIDELBERG people. HEIDELBERG sponsors and organizes the entire event. This would be too much for the organizing team – without HEIDELBERG this event would not exist.

Members of the Orga team therefore also come from HEIDELBERG and together we prepare the event.

This makes it a win-win situation:

We users have the opportunity to gather information and know-how first-hand from the market leader and can discuss directly with the developers what kind of further developments we would like to see in Prinect.

HEIDELBERG has the chance to get direct feedback from users and thus to be able to guide the development and continuous improvement of its products in a targeted manner. And, of course, this should also give HEIDELBERG the opportunity to win new customers and introduce new products.

So it’s about an active development platform with interaction between users and suppliers for mutual benefit.
No more, but no less.